Dominica - Named The Nature Island of the Caribbean

Discover why Dominica is the best kept secret in the Caribbean

Dominica is the best kept secret in the CaribbeanDominica lays alongside the only barrier reef in the Caribbean. The Island is the ultimate ecotourism destination in the world!
• Incredible beaches; from classic white sand to rugged, dark sandy beaches, Dominica has it all!
• 365 rivers, mountains rising up to 5,000 feet and numerous tumbling waterfalls with secluded bathing pools.
• Hiking trails through the tropical rainforest.
• Often referred to Emerald Isle, and with nature so untouched, it has been said, Dominica is the only island in the Caribbean Christopher Columbus would recognize today.

The Commonwealth of Dominica

The Commonwealth of DominicaDominica, an English speaking island, lies between the French Islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique, is indeed the island of beauty and splendor.

Dominica offers incredible diving with its protected waters and Marine Reserves. It has a rich culture and numerous celebrations with colorful costumes, music and culinary treats, a mixture of French Creole.